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Moving Company Den Haag

Move to or From Den Haag (The Hague)

Full-Service Solution

moving company den haag

Private Removals

Moving Company Den Haag is an affordable and modern moving company. We believe that a move should be completed as quickly, safe and efficiently as possible. Over the years we have devised a fairly logical way to do this: work hard, keep smiling and communicate clearly. A student room, apartment, farm or a villa in Den haag or surroundings, we are ready to guide your move in the right direction. Our trained movers ensure that your move is in good hands. In which we are fluent in English. We only work with well-maintained moving vans, all of which are equipped with a tailgate and professional moving materials such as: moving blankets, hand trucks, tensioning straps, roller carts and a tool box that can be used free of charge.

Office/Company removals

Business relocations, leave it to us! Are you planning to move your business? Then there will be a lot to consider. Yet you do not have to stress, because with a moving company that specializes in business removals you will have to think about almost nothing. You don’t have to look far for an experienced moving company for your company relocation, because Moving Company Den Haag is ready for you! There is a lot that goes into business relocations. Things have to be put in order and this has to be done in time, so that you can start up at your new location as soon as possible. As a busy business person, you don’t have the time to pack boxes and assemble furniture. When it comes to a company relocation, it is therefore always better to enlist the help of a professional removal company.

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Movers Den Haag

About us

For many years we as Moving Company Den Haag have been involved in the national and international relocation of both private and business customers. We help private individuals, healthcare institutions, (semi) government institutions and reputable companies on a daily basis, especially for English-speaking persons and companies in the region of The Hague. Our basic principles are quality and efficiency at an affordable rate. All professional tools needed for a move are available. In addition, everything is well insured. Corporate social responsibility is an important aspect. Over the years we have gained experience in being aware of people and the environment. We provide customization, where you can determine to what extent our help is required. You can outsource your entire move, from packing to unpacking.

  • Fully insured, trust your precious possessions
  • Service offered 7 days a week

  • One item to a complete move including packing and unpacking

  • Fixed Price
  • Fluent english speaking

  • Request a free quote and receive an answer within 24 hours


Moving Company The Hague

Moving Comany Den Haag takes care of your move from start to finish. Curious about what we can do for you, how we work and what the costs will be? Request a quote without obligation via the button below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Moving Company Den Haag

Our Working Method

1. Request

After we have submitted your application form, we will prepare a non-binding offer with a price indication. We will take into account several things such as distance, contents and accessibility. We can often provide you with an exact price indication, so that you know what the costs are and there are no surprises.

2. Proposal

The exact price of your move is calculated on the basis of several factors. We look at the size of your household effects, the accessibility of your new residential location and whether there are obstacles on the route and whether there are stairs or lifts in your current and future home. If it concerns a (business) move, we may video call or someone from our team will come by beforehand.

3. Moving Day

First we will go through the day with you so that you fully understand what will happen during the moving day. On the moving day we will be present with our cars and materials such as lifts and protections for your household effects. During transport, all your belongings will be safely transported, in addition, we are also insured. Arriving at the unloading address, we will unload all items to the room/location you want.


The costs of a move can differ, because the costs of a move are linked to a number of elements such as the distance from your new home, the number of movers and the necessities such as equipment. The costs below are the prices excluding VAT. We do NOT charge a weekend fee, so the same price also during the weekend. The prices for a moving lift without the packages below are €90 per hour, if you would like a moving lift with the packages below, it will only cost €60 per hour.

Small relocations

1 Mover & 1 Truck


1 hour

Full Service
Throughout the Netherlands
Trained movers
Moving lift (if necessary)

Standard relocations

2 Movers & 1 Truck


1 hour

Full Service
Throughout the Netherlands
Trained movers
Moving lift (if necessary)

Regular relocations

3 Movers & 1 Truck


1 hour

Full Service
Throughout the Netherlands
Trained movers
Moving lift (if necessary)

Big relocations

4 Movers & 1 Truck


1 hour

Full Service
Throughout the Netherlands
Trained movers
Moving lift (if necessary)

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you moving? Then a lot will come your way. That is why we have listed a number of frequently asked questions about moving and our answers for you. Is your question not listed? Please call us or simply send an email.

Do you also offer international removals?2021-07-12T14:00:31+00:00

Yes, we also ensure that your international relocation goes smoothly. Both from and to The Hague.

What are the payment options?2021-07-12T13:51:04+00:00

Moving Company Den Haag offers a lot payment options. You can pay by card, cash or credit.

Are my items insured?2021-07-12T13:04:04+00:00

All your items are fully insured both during transport and during the rest of the move. Your belongings are in safe hands here!

Do you offer storage services?2021-07-12T13:32:39+00:00

In most cases storing things isn’t necessary because we always move from A to B. If it happens that your belongings need to be stored, we will offer a suitable solution.

Is it possible for someone from moving company to come by to give an indication of the costs of the move?2021-07-12T14:04:06+00:00

In most cases we can give you an indication of the costs by a phone call or quotation but in some cases it is possible to send one of our moving specialist to make a better indication of the costs.

Do you only operate in the Hague?2021-07-12T13:50:28+00:00

No, our movers operate throughout the whole country not only in the Hague

Do you also move pianos?2021-07-12T13:54:04+00:00

Our movers are specialized in moving pianos. Your piano is in good hands here.

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Movers Den Haag

The Hague is the only large city with a beach directly on the North Sea coast. The city has many monuments, chic hotels and a political heart. The government of the Netherlands is located in the historic Binnenhof and the King’s work palace is located on Noordeinde. The Hague is a city with many english speaking people. This naturally involves many relocations. We as a moving company The Hague are always ready for the English speaking residents of The Hague.

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